Embla dans & teater

Dance productions for young audiences

We are a Swedish dance company with young audiences as our main focus. With humor, a playful attitude and a direct approach we aim to raise interest in modern dance and to encourage creativity.

Embla dance & theatre was formed in Gothenburg in 1989. We create and perform dance performances for both children and adults. Embla has been touring both Sweden as well as internationally and have visited the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and Italy.

The most significant characteristics regarding Embla’s work for children is the direct approach towards the audience, utilizing humor and an overall playful attitude. The shows often act as an entry point towards a greater understanding and appreciation of modern dance. All of the performances also come with a dance workshop for and with the children.

Embla has also created atmospheric and suggestive performances for adults, using both site-specific performance spaces as well as regular venues. Over the last couple of years we have done somewhere around 180-220 shows each year.

For more information about our touring productions, please contact our production crew:
info@embladans.se, +46 705-61 62 64